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How do we give back?

Venezuela is a really colorful place to live, and we named everything after a sobriquet or diminutive. But, all this may lead us to go through many difficulties, and at this moment we are a damaged country. We are not talking just to the economy; is our young a diverse society that is suffering all the weight of past generations and bad political decisions. We deeply believe that all of this is part of the development of a much more conscious generation and country, learning from the bad times as any country in the world.

As you may see, we are based in Venezuela because we believe in our value, and it is not only the oil and all the raw materials; we are talking about our human value and our knowledge. We trust our people, that’s why we are offering you VAs that are fully based here (At least most of them). We have people that took all their strength and patience to finish their bachelor degree and want to invest their lives in our country , growing as professionals, but we are really aware of those who didn’t have a different choice or are too little to know anything different than this.

We are talking about the kids and vulnerable sectors of society; that suffer the worst of the crisis and need a hand to see a bit of light through the uncertainty and hopelessness. We have what the people used to know as slums or just poor neighborhoods, that have a lack of basic services, as water service, dump collection, safe and constant maintenance electrical service, health centers nearby, because this community usually are not planned by a civil engineer or an architect.

That’s why we have a program called: “Giving Back” where we are aware of the other; and their needings doing the right thing from the little, donating toys, food, money and even entertainment. The last year we promote a football day, gifted toys and show our best smiles. This year we went a little forward, providing our help and hands to attend a medical journey, where a few of our internal team (That also, are a med student) voluntarily; participate all day, with their best will and knowledge. We are always planning to go on a new journeys, working to the outside without leaving back our home place and our inner desire to help everyone to thrive.


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