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How to choose the best social media management agency?

This process might be a bit overwhelming as, currently, a tremendous number of agencies exist. Many of them offer unique sets of services that can range from full coverage to only a weekly or monthly strategy advisory. You can also consider having your own social media team in-house. The possibilities are almost limitless. We wanted to help you prepare in advance so you can make the right decision, even if it is staying small or just doing a complete turn.

Before we dive into the different aspects that agencies have, it is essential to consider that having an agency to help with social media does not translate into eliminating your entire marketing staff. On the contrary, having an extra set of ideas for your social media channels can benefit your inside team as they can learn from their experience while boosting the advertising planning. We also would like to mention that we are experts setting up this kind of team, especially if the work is remote. Make sure to visit our marketing website in order to learn more about what we can do for you.

Advertising à la carte: think of the best social media alternative

The first step to choose the best marketing agency possible has a clear strategy. With a defined plan of what you can afford and which social media channels will be the core of your advertising strategy, it is straightforward to see where your weaknesses lie. Agencies should always be selected based on what you need to improve. That is the first secret you need to uncover, agencies are as good as you can fit them. Your weaknesses, strengths, and gameplay will help you define what you are truly looking for.

The two most common scenarios that agencies deal with are lack of experience or lack of fresh content. If you fall into one of these, you might want to consider picking more traditional agencies that usually have many study cases ready for you to learn and apply. Their advice and many paid tools for your social media channels will allow them to run multiple tasks faster than you would.

However, if you find other weaknesses or if you lack manpower, then it would be wiser to get in touch with smaller or newer agencies that usually offer the best budget options. Usually, they come with reduced costs for their help while keeping their helping hands on the offer. They even have remote workers or virtual assistants ready to work per project with you.

Location can be a game-changer

Another essential aspect to remember when searching for the best match is the location of the agency you wish to hire. Having a team of experts working to strengthen your social media channels can be a huge benefit when your in-house team is resting. Numerous agencies specialize precisely in running social media channels 24hrs with customer support or strategic publications at certain hours.

If your target audience varies, it could also prove beneficial to have an agency with experience advertising in different markets. Companies in Japan have colossal experience when it comes to dealing with senior audiences, quite the opposite of the case in Brazil, where most of the population is relatively young. Having an expert in your audience is something to keep in mind. They can provide valuable insights and help you direct your efforts toward the desired goal.

On the other hand, you should be aware of your network when hiring an agency to handle your social media channels. Past experiences from other experts in the field are priceless when it comes to making the final decision. They might also recommend remote workers or managers that may be part of more prominent agencies. It is important to have someone who has proven experience in your field or faces the challenge of time. There is no right nor wrong answers here; it all depends on what you are looking for in terms of rush.

Test their unique skills and achievements

When you have a range of agencies that fit your search criteria, the final step should be having an exploratory session with them. That is the perfect time to share all the information we have discussed in this article and also is the moment to explore their ROI, other examples similar to yours, and how they plan to achieve your objectives.

Do not be shy when exploring their strengths and weaknesses while meeting; after all, you will share the weight of your advertising efforts with them, and trust is essential. Be ready to sign a special NDA when sharing specific numbers, which is a standard procedure. Also, ensure that delicate things such as your art pieces or photographs are protected as your IP. Outsourcing specific tasks can be pretty risky, so prepare yourself accordingly.

After all this process is done, you should be confident with your choice as you have taken the time to examine yourself and put your selected agency to the test.

Virtrify has virtual assistants at your disposal to help strengthen your remote work team. If you decide to work with an agency or outsource just some tasks, we have specialized marketing agents that will help you with this. We also recommend booking a free demo so our internal staff can help decide the best path for you. We have helped other clients organize their whole virtual offices to strengthen their marketing efforts.


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