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The best online tools that all realtors should know

Some of the tools we will share with you are part of what we call “the essential” kit that every company should have, even if they are doing in-office work. Others specialize in this niche and are particularly interesting for smaller firms or single agents who wish to optimize their business. But we can guarantee you that if you think of having an online office, you need to have them in your arsenal no matter what.

Although most of these tools have free versions, we always recommend committing to the subscription or paid options as they unlock must-have features. Remember that the prices and packages may vary depending on when you consult these tools. However, we know that the price is very much worth it as it will make your life much easier, especially for realtors that genuinely struggle with the number of tasks they need to take on regularly.

The primary online tools that we consider essential

One basic concept that is present in every company, including for realtors, is communication. On this front, the best online tool we always recommend is Slack, one of the best tools available for instant communication. You can complement this already excellent package with a Gsuite account which will also allow you to have customized addresses, a whole Drive server for files, and many complementary tools from the Gsuite package. Once you explore what this system has to offer, you will ask yourself how you survived without it for so long.

Although each free version is strong enough to get you going, there is no harm in trying the paid versions as they open up many possibilities for you and your clients (both shouldn’t be more than 150$ for a small team of 5). However, if you require a project board for your real estate firm, we recommend using Trello, one of the best tools available currently with a powerful free version. You won’t even notice there is a paid one! However, some task manager tools are in order if you also want to have control over the mini-tasks that are being done by others in your team. Asana and ClickUp are top candidates for this, but you can find many more.

Finally, one excellent touch to complement this survival kit is Zapier, which will allow you to automate actions between platforms. The settings required for making it work accessible, and if you wish to go premium, you have a professional plan of 50$ (ideal for realtors) or a team plan of 300$ (perfect for firms with +5 members). We always recommend having apps from the same ecosystem, but if this is not possible, Zapier is the perfect solution. Keep in mind that some integrations are not possible even with its help.

Improved real estate for demanding clients

We covered all the basic operational needs but did you know that there are quite excellent tools designed only for real estate out there? An excellent example of this is Showing Suite. This online tool allows you to integrate data regarding addresses, videos, pictures, signatures, and even documentation or codes required for access into a single file. You can summarize an entire folder of documents into a single entry.

On the other hand, online comparative platforms such as Zumper and Mashvisor have become a necessary evil for realtors and real estate agencies. These platforms allow clients to look while comparing prices in different areas all across the United States. This allows them to find the best prices and the most trusted agents to help them close deals. A strong marketing presence is necessary when actively using both of these.

Talking about marketing, we know that this niche has unique clients more interested in a well know firm rather than spamming agents. For this purpose, CRM software is the best solution as they allow realtors and firms to handle all communications in one place. RealGeeks offers a good alternative for real estate clients. This integrated all the benefits from Showing Suite but has integrated email and SMS campaigns to ensure no appointment is missed.

Do not forget to update your hardware also. 3D projects are starting to become a new trend in open houses. Some clients are curious to see how some renovations would look in real time or how a property looks in certain seasons of the year. This powerful option has opened a lot of room for potential buyers to see and experiment with their new property. Do not dismiss it so quickly, as we believe this type of technology is here to stay. You can easily access 3D portable glasses from Samsung or Google.

The sweet complements for a perfect plan

No list is complete without adding some extra names that can prove to be expensive but add the ultimate touch to any realtor office out there. Onirix offers specialized augmented reality software for real estate, which shows properties and helps clients see how reconstructions would look once completed. For only 125$ a month, you can access their entire catalog.

Social media also has a special mention as there are many online tools for this, but only a handful are effective. Hootsuite offers strong integration with cheap plans that will be a lifesaver for all firms or realtors who wish to step up their game.

We at Virtrify are experts on most of these tools, thanks to our staff of talented individuals willing to help you make the most out of them. We can also learn how to implement any new tools you find essential for your firm. Do not hesitate to reach us for a free exploratory call.


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