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Meet Virtrify

Virtrify is a company founded on HR innovation and driven by a passion for redefining traditional business models.

We empower U.S. companies to tap into the rich talent pool of Latin America while providing skilled individuals from the region with opportunities to build thriving careers with successful U.S. enterprises.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and mutual growth, creating a bridge between two worlds. We envision a future where talent knows no boundaries, and success is a shared journey. Join us in forging futures together.

Working on table

At the heart of Virtrify lies a journey that began with innovation and a desire to transform traditional business operations. Our founder, Alex Miranda, embarked on this path while building his branding agency. Clients soon took notice, intrigued by how he managed his entire company without a physical office. They were not only curious but impressed by the significant cost savings he achieved.

As demand for answers grew, so did the opportunity. Clients approached Alex, asking for guidance in finding virtual team members to boost their own businesses. It was in this moment that Alex recognized a unique venture unfolding before him. Virtrify was born, evolving from a branding agency into a virtual staffing agency that helps clients build effective virtual teams.

Our Story

Alex Miranda

At Virtrify, our core values are not mere words on paper; they are the very essence of who we are and how we operate. 

These values are the foundation of our company culture and guide every decision we make. When you partner with us, you become part of a family that shares these common principles, ensuring a collaborative and fulfilling journey.

What We Value

Alex Miranda

Our belief in doing meaningful work in the marketplace, guided by a higher purpose.

God First


A commitment to placing our clients' success at the forefront of our efforts, earning and maintaining their trust.

Client Success


A dedication to creating a strong sense of community, despite geographical distances, uniting around shared values and goals.

Family Environment


A continuous pursuit of improvement and streamlined systems to deliver better results while minimizing waste.

Be Efficient


An emphasis on authenticity, avoiding corporate rigidity, and embracing the joy of the journey.

Have Fun


A focus on forward-thinking solutions, as we plan for supporting ever-changing growth opportunities.

Twink Long-Term


Empowering individuals to excel in their unique strengths and supporting them in achieving self-actualization.

Create Independence


Upholding honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness in all our interactions, ensuring strong and open relationships.

Have Integrity


Embracing humility and respect, even as we overcome challenges and celebrate collective achievements.

Be Humble


Meet The Team

Alex Miranda

Founding Partner

Alex Miranda is the visionary founder behind Virtrify.  After graduating from Cornell University in 2003 with a business degree, Alex began his entrepreneurial career by starting a branding and marketing agency.


With years of experience in the branding and marketing industry, Alex recognized the potential of virtual teams to revolutionize businesses. His journey began by building his own virtual team to support his branding agency, a move that not only saved costs but also showcased the power of a global talent pool.


Driven by the success of his virtual team, Alex's clients soon became intrigued, wanting to replicate the benefits in their businesses. Recognizing a unique opportunity, Alex founded Virtrify in 2018 to make the world a smaller place, where borders don't hinder growth and opportunity.


Alex's leadership at Virtrify is rooted in his core values, which prioritize client success, a supportive family environment, efficiency, and long-term thinking. With a deep commitment to his mission and an unwavering focus on building bridges between worlds, Alex Miranda continues to be the driving force behind Virtrify's mission to create a world of shared opportunities and global success.

Alex Miranda

Henry Paris

Founding Partner

Enrique Perez-Paris is a visionary co-founder and Senior Advisor at Virtrify, where he has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of remote work. With a robust academic background that includes studies at Emerson College, Boston University, and a Harvard Extension Certificate in Project Management, Enrique brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Co-founder of Virtrify, Enrique's journey has been marked by a commitment to connecting Latin American professionals with opportunities in the United States. His dedication to fostering a global talent ecosystem has been instrumental in securing remote employment for over a thousand Latin American professionals, transforming Virtrify into a cornerstone of the remote work industry.

Enrique's impact extends beyond the business realm. As a Senior Advisor at Virtrify, he is not only dedicated to the platform's growth but also to the noble cause of connecting professionals across continents. With over half a decade of experience in uniting talent with opportunity, Enrique Perez-Paris is at the forefront of pioneering the next evolution of remote team-building for U.S. enterprises, particularly in fields such as Marketing, IT, Accounting, and Social Media. His vision and expertise continue to drive Virtrify toward new horizons, bridging geographical boundaries to create a world of shared opportunities and professional growth.

Aj Perez, virtrify

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