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Can real estate agents work remotely?

According to Forbes, it is not only possible but one of the best changes that an agent can make in this technological age. It is not only based on how the pandemic has struck but also on how businesses are conducted worldwide. In a world where you can jump to any country in less than 13 hours with a plane ticket, real estate agents need to be prepared to be available for everyone at any time. The same applies to just how fast you can reach someone on the other side of the world

Plenty of tools are available for those who wish to become remote professionals, riding the wave this year has set for many. The majority of them can be easily adapted to fit the daily needs of a real estate agency, while others are designed with this target in mind. Let us make a quick overview of this so you can join the select group of real estate agents who are part of the digital world!

Real estate agents need to learn how to be available with one click.

“There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to operate your office anywhere with the Internet,” says David Aurigemma from HomeLight. He believes that one of the most challenging parts is learning to move your physical setup to your virtual office. However, the rewards for doing so are tremendous, and you can see the impact immediately. Being there for your clients with just one click is the difference between closing a sale and losing interest. Also, it helps you save time and money in the long run by making processes easier.

Handling images for properties and using live footage for visits is one of the most significant changes that this industry has seen. It is now possible for interested parties to visit an entire living complex whiteout moving from their living room using augmented reality devices. This also saves time from moving to different locations during business hours, just like a dream come true. You can also offer to visit people in other countries thanks to these same devices!

Local agents have also seen benefits from switching to remote; they can now work closely with their different clients with just a phone or a tablet in their hand. There are no limitations to what you can do. Tools such as Google Drive and Asana are now part of his daily routine, which has increased his brokerage by quite a lot. It allows you to take many actions using just your phone. It also opens up the door to having assistants and collaborators operate from the internet, making things faster and less expensive. You would be surprised just how much your life changes once you learn to operate from your car or while waiting in line.

A more accessible alternative for beginners in the business

When first thinking of starting a new niche professionally, one of the first roadblocks many people face is the initial investment, they must make. Real estate usually requires having a physical office where to take your clients or different classic marketing methods, which are expensive, but taking these to the online world can cut the prices up to half. This opens the door for newcomers or professionals wishing to become real estate agents as a side job. Technology is truly a lifesaver when you want to create a startup or try out a new job; the difference in costs with having a regular office is incredible

Also, what used to be a business with some prejudices has seen a turn for the positive in the past couple of years. TheWorkAtHomeWoman journalist site reports that since real estate allowed remote professionals to take part in it, the number of women who tried this field increased by almost 30%. This also provides them with an extra layer of security for them. Women require more opportunities to enter the work market with fair wages and accessibility; remote work gives them just that.

This makes real estate easier to jump into and a safer choice for many people who might be afraid to go outside just yet. Also, it poses a lesser threat to those who feel this business is not their first choice. A virtual office provides them with a sense of security and a safety net in case something goes wrong. It is an excellent point for beginners in this niche.

Practical and stable, but reliable?

Remote work and real estate seem to have one common denominator that perfectly describes them: No job means no payment. While this reality might sound scary for some, it reflects another common factor they share: freedom. In the case of real estate, there is a lot of room for improvement on this front. Working remotely can mean a lot of positive changes for the freedom factor in the life of a realtor while also keeping revenue.

Working remotely allows you to work from anywhere, but if you mix it with real estate, you can work at your preferred time in your desired location, it is challenging to get better than that. Also, you become an absolute angel by having the possibility to help others achieve one of the biggest dreams they may have, which is owning their dream house.

Next week we will keep exploring which advantages you will have when becoming remote and offer advice on making the change as quickly as possible. We at Virtrify are experts in remote work, so feel free to reach out if you require any consultation. We have a devoted team who is always handling cases related to remote work, so we are familiar with its challenges. Do not hesitate to schedule a free demo so we can show you how we can help you set everything up and enjoy the best advantages of the market.


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