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Can you give online employment to a experienceless VA?

When it comes to online employment, we know that virtual assistants can be the most powerful kind of remote worker out there. They can fit many specialized niches, such as real estate, or adapt to a vast array of tasks as it is required in marketing. They are very flexible when you require specialized work done in your company. But what if it is the first time they work remotely?

Some people mistakenly believe that a remote worker with no experience is a bad choice. Recruiters go as far as blaming the current design of online employment agencies for promoting newcomers instead of more seasoned assistants. However, including one in your team might be in your best interest in the long run.

It has been proven that previous work experiences may affect the performance in current and future positions for a worker, this is particularly relevant for specialized work positions. We want you to feel confident when this situation comes so we will mention a few advantages and common problems when hiring a newbie virtual assistant.

Online employment agencies are thinking of what is best for both

Most recruits often think that receiving profiles from people with no experience might be a mistake rather than a thoughtful decision. However, when a business is well established and only requires a set amount of tasks to be done, it is the perfect opportunity to have a newbie in your office.

One of the biggest advantages is that you will get to introduce him to your work tools first, that way no comparisons will be made when doing their daily tasks. Also, not having previous experience means you can introduce them to the concept of proactivity and efficiency that better fits your company philosophy.

You will also get the chance to test the skills of your VA for the first time. Remember, lack of experience does not mean a lack of preparation. Many are professionals with academic achievements in their fields, they just need an opportunity. Recent statistics show that more than 75% of the people applying to remote work does have a strong academic background and feel confident when it comes to doing specialized work.

Soft skills might be lacking but the core strengths related to specialized skills are present in our VAs.

Online employment might not be just for everyone

Now, being the first opportunity for a remote worker who is just starting (especially if it is the first working experience ever) may have some difficult moments for both of you. Soft skills such as punctuality, organization, communication, responsibility, and others might need to be reinforced in the candidate. Although, according to most online employment agencies this is true in only 8% of the cases.

Adaptation to a new team and a new remote working environment it is felt strongly by remote workers if it is their first time. Do not let this be a deterrent as there are plenty of ways to reduce the friction that this process creates. Other team members must become a helping hand instead of another source of stress.

We must not forget that in some extreme cases, candidates may not completely adapt to the specialized work you require from them or to the remote work nature. If this happens, you may consider replacing them as your last choice. Help them find another suitable position by being clear on what weaknesses made you take this decision and what strengths did you find in them.

Your company will be as compelling as your workers (and ex-workers) make it look.

Becoming the first memorable experience of a virtual assistant

It has been proven that becoming the first significant experience in the professional of young workers can be life-changing. Not only you will help them believe in their potential but you will also gain a strongly attached member of your workforce. What is more, you will get to define the hard skills that they will develop over the years.

Setting your view of quality and compliance in a young remote worker may well define what is professional life will be. Having your name in the resume of a remarkable worker is also a strong seal of quality for your company that many will notice. Online employment is a confusing world but we can make it a better one by working together during these hard times.

Virtrify ensures that the best professionals come to you when looking to recruit a new member for your team. Some of them might not have previous work experience but we provide them with enough training to ensure that their soft skills are polished and ready to be taken to their highest potential. Book a free exploratory call with us today!


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