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Can you switch to shift work with remote workers?

Currently, most companies should have a customer service branch ready to take on any questions or problems that your users may be experiencing. The ideal objective should be having a full team that can cover all the shift work required to have a 24/7 business. We know that this might prove expensive and rather prohibitive for many small and mid-size companies out there.

What is worst, other companies prefer to exploit their current teams and having them work inhuman shifts of 10 or 12 hours per day, every day, to avoid huge capital investment. However, there is a fair way to get around this without being an evil manager; remote workers.

Having a smartly recruited team of remote workers will help your company cover all the necessary shifts without exploiting them. Payment and other issues can also be solved easier with a foreign team thus making a capital investment much softer at the beginning. Let us help you achieve that so desired shift work status that you deserve.

Shift work will let you hack time zones into work for you

One of the big advantages of recruiting remote workers is that they do not necessarily need to be in the same country. As long as you speak the same language, you should strongly consider hiring people who are in very different time zones than yours. This way, they can work a daylight routine while you are sound asleep.

In the past, it was impossible to operate like this because of the communicative challenges that working in vastly different times would bring. However, due to the current amount of online tools available for remote workers and teams such as Asana, Trello, Slack, and many others, it has never been easier. You can share tasks, achievements, and ideas with your faraway colleges without issue.

Capital investment is also greatly reduced when working this way as your employees will not be working night shifts as they do their tasks during a daylight time in their home countries. There is a lot to be earned when hiring remote employees for your shift work.

Cultural differences can also play a huge role when providing outstanding service to customers.

Capital investment reduced while increasing your operativity

As mentioned in the last paragraph, working this way can decrease the total amount of capital investment you need to make to introduce shift works for your company. Not only do you save money by not having night shifts but you can also reduce your expenses in physical spaces as they don’t need to be operative 24 hours.

Although you may need to add to your monthly bills some of the online services needed, they are not that expensive in the long run. You should consider trying their yearly plans as they save a big amount of money. Also, having a more active team gives you overall more revenue based on just engagement.

This overall increase in efficiency will translate in faster times and less waste of time on certain processes. Having a full mirror team to do administrative tasks or some level of decision making during the time you are off will enhance this way of working.

The finance of the company is not only protected by expending less but also by earning more.

Shift work will impact your company for the good.

We have discussed the positive sides that may come from having a team made of remote workers take the shift work for your company for an extra set of hours. We have also seen how it impacts your capital investment when adding this new modality of work. However, we must also say that it does prove a sort of a challenge for people who have never done this before.

Making this system work will require a lot of communication skills to delegate functions to others. It will also require a strong team with a clear chain of services so processes can retain its quality even when handled by many people at once. It may also be quite overwhelming to have many things going at the same time

Virtrify has the best-prepared professionals interested in working remotely for your company and help you make this process as easy as possible. Whether you need an accountant to help you handle the capital investment or a manager to help you organize the shift work, we have the perfect candidate for you.






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