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How to manage remote modern business on holidays?

With the year coming to an end, we are quickly approaching one of the busiest dates in most people’s calendars, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many modern business owners are afraid of the holiday season due to the increase in workload and often the decrease in the amount of worked hours of their staff. However, have you prepared yourself to face this challenge with this year’s remote workers?

At first, you may think that things are not going to be that different from other times. After all, a remote worker is just another worker, right? – Well, you might be surprised at how different they can be in practice. Also, we wish to share with you some hacks we have learned as a company that specializes in providing remote workers for modern business owners worldwide.

Holidays are not necessarily a bad time for your company. With some planning, you can keep your company running and not decrease your overall revenue during these important dates. What is more important, no one needs to sacrifice their free time with their families to achieve this productive result, nor you, nor your co-workers.

Modern planning for modern business

The first thing you need to do is to identify the holidays that most of your team celebrate. For those based in the U.S., the most important ones are Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. However, Canada, Latin America, and Europe have very different celebrations during this same period, having only Christmas and New Year in common.

Religion is also another important factor to consider. You will do well to know more of your employees (being very respectful, of course) so you can also know when they will need to take a break to attend their celebrations. Once you have all this information, you will see gaps in your worker’s schedule that align with holidays.

Use this same gap in your favor and try to plan when your remote workers leave for holidays and prepare your organization's tools accordingly. Have a work plan, automation tools, or earlier deadlines that allows your team to fulfill their duties while also enjoying themselves.

Most people will be pleased to cover for their peers if they will enjoy their free time when needed.

Holidays season to reinvent and charge up

Depending on the nature of your business (whether you provide a service or sell a product) you will see some slower times during these holidays. We advise you to see this as the perfect opportunity to introduce big changes to the work dynamics, tools, or even your whole company.

While most people will be focusing entirely on their family and festivities, you can safely take a couple of days just to implement necessary changes that you hadn’t had time for before. Some modern business owners feel this as a waste of time but experience has shown us that changes can be hard to implement during busier times. Especially big changes such as a complete overhaul of the image of the company.

You can also try changes on your team composition or tasks as having fewer people working often translates into closer communication. Be creative and make the best of this time for your company as you won’t enjoy a similar opportunity until a whole year has passed.

Of course, taking rests is also important so make sure to have at least a couple of days off!

Remote work will change how you handle holidays forever

Modern businesses need to take into consideration the much-needed inclusion of their employees. You should always try and introduce ways to celebrate diversity in your team by enjoying their holidays too. You can learn much from the Chinese New Year, just to name an example, and how it impacts the economy of the world.

Honoring these dates also allows you to have a flexible team as their free dates will not crash but will be strategically divided among the whole year. Overall there are a lot of positive sides to this new trend of embracing holidays instead of just avoiding them or forcing your employees to have a bad time during them.

Virtrify will help you make the most out of your holiday time as we have candidates that are prepared to adjust their schedules and support you while you are away with family and friends. We are aware of the most important holidays worldwide so we ensure that our remote workers are always prepared to face them.






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