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Is a job as a virtual assistant ideal to grow?

A virtual assistant can be a unique job as it does not have a clear career path as many others tend to have. In contrast to a doctor, who starts as an intern and finishes as a specialist, VAs do not have a straight line. This sometimes poses the question of whether you will have a future if you choose to be a virtual assistant as your full-time job. However, the answer to this is not simple, just like the question it belongs to. In this regard, we want to take some minutes to talk about what the future position a virtual assistant can offer you.

Moreover, we believe this is important for people who want to jump towards more remote options than regular on-site jobs. Needless to say, things are very different when we are working remotely. But, you will be surprised just how much more freedom you will find to stretch your branches into the different directions you may have had in the past.

Trust your instincts and follow us on this journey of professional discovery:

Do I have an opportunity to scale in my career if I choose a remote job?

The simple answer is yes, but in the traditional sense. Most virtual assistants start their careers as what we call "generalists." These roles are devoted to simple administrative tasks, mainly email checking, taking calls, or handling reservations. These assignments do not require a specific academic background or a degree. They mainly focus on your proactivity, decision-making skills, and capacity to pick up patterns.

"Why are we defining this?" you may ask, but to understand where you are going, you first need to see where you are standing. Once your client decides that you are ready or that your skill set can grow, he can adapt you to a new task. You can be promoted to a more specialized role with a bit of time and the proper opportunity. Again, most generalists are promoted to personal assistants roles which give them more responsibilities tied to the daily lives of their clients.

The promotion will come with changes in your responsibilities, expectations, and how you handle your daily work. Salary and benefits will also significantly change. In our experience, sometimes a personal assistant can even grow even higher, becoming an operations assistant. At this point, you will not only be assisting your client with their tasks but also making sure that the operations of his business are running smoothly. You would become a type of overseer that will keep a close eye on the business.

But does this mean I can only grow by assisting my client as my main job?

The short answer is no. That case refers only to a generalist who has no other tools or knowledge or is not actively uprising any academic change. However, there are also cases where generalists can then apply other skills or tools to a different project. We have seen them evolve into a full fledge social media managers, IT support, or even sales managers.

It all boils down to how much you are willing to learn and train yourself while performing your primary virtual assistant role. There are enormous opportunities for growth when you consider that you have a lot of freedom with your time and learning curve. It will also depend mainly on your client if they are willing to let you specialize in something more or if they want you to focus on their tasks.

However, one cool feature Virtrify offers to all of its assistants is the possibility of switching projects to find better matching clients with their skills. In case you are studying, this helps to find an ideal position with a client more aligned to your new title, for example. It is all about finding the right opportunity or building by yourself. We are always eager to help your teammates find the perfect balance between where they are and where they want to be in a couple of years.

But does this mean that only academic studies are on the way up?

As we have said before, there are plenty of alternatives. You can take on courses to help you improve your skills, such as a new language or ability. It is also quite important to mention that experience is a huge factor. If you are willing to learn the hard way (by doing), some clients are O.K. with this and will give you an opportunity. We have seen this particularly true with marketing positions.

Bootcamps and other similar intensive experiences are exciting choices to help you make a swift change in your career. Nonetheless, voluntary experiences or non-paid internships are also excellent ways to invest time in learning new abilities. The main advantage of a remote position is that you are in complete control of your time, and most likely, you will save money. By not having to go to an office or splitting your schedule in weird ways, you can keep working on your personal development to reach a new height.

We also trust that you will be able to find clients or projects much more according to your past experiences in you keep improving on your basics. Being a virtual assistant is not always to be in your comfort zone. Many times you will require to take a leap of faith and try new tasks or challenges that will keep you on your toes. Earning more experience in this side of things will require having a solid mindset that values innovation over routine.

Fortunately, we have a pervasive program to help our assistants reach a new high quality of service. Our remote jobs are an excellent opportunity to try and learn how to perform from a distance while also receiving training. We always help our team members to polish their skills and find new ways to grow in their positions. We love seeing how the training bear fruits and helps our community be its best. Make sure to schedule an interview with us on our main website! So we can start collaborating.


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