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Protect yourself: hiring and working online

“Buying, hiring, and earning remotely will always open a chance of being a victim of a scam online…”

Being online can be scary. It is not the same as being a mere viewer than entering information. We are talking about buying, hiring, and earning remotely. It will always open a chance of being a victim of a scam online and a VA scam.

This year, 2020 pushed us to get used to it. The world barely stopped one or two weeks before it started to grow and adapt the market in a new direction.

We are more present and valid than never before, as a platform of virtual assistants. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself on the road again (If you lost it) or get stronger than ever working remotely.

Probably you’ll need things that you won’t be able to reach as a secretary, a designer, an accounting advisor, and so on; as you did before this pandemic. It is crucial to detect an online scam and a VA scam on time.

Now is time to go safely. As much as you can suffer a scam online as an employer you can get scammed as an employee (What we call a “VA scam”.) So many people are unemployed and desperate. The hunters are more active than ever, that’s why we need to protect ourselves. We want to keep the engine working while we are surviving, and thriving in the market.

How to protect yourself, if you are Hiring?

There are some red flags that can be turned into VA scams and scams online. you should not ignore it when you are hiring. Some of them aren't looking to commit fraud. You must learn how to recognize VA scams; to not report as an online scam someone that is an inexperienced freelancer.

  • Never pays all the work in advance:

Plans deliverable deadlines, and milestones.

It's valid to have secure money retained. You can prove that you'll pay, but we highly recommend going to a recruiter. They can assure both of the parts; that it is a legal agreement. To avoid VA Scams and online scams, do not release money carelessly.

  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the Virtual Assistant asks for more money.

The time for bidding includes money and duties.

Your Virtual Assistant will ask you for everything that involves him or her. Asking for more money, or different responsibilities later can be a red flag. It is essential to detect signs like this to avoid online scams. All this can means that someone is not completely honest.

  • Your VA is asking money, out of the usual ways.

Asking for bonuses and extras, out of nothing?

It can happen if your VA is not okay with the agreement. Sometimes the recruiters made bad negotiations for him. There’s a chance that he can come to you asking for more money.

But, this opens a window to get scammed. Remember, everything out of contract is an ultimate risk. The VA scam, as the online scams, come with a lamb costume.

  • Asks too much personal information:

...Like passwords and ID, to verify your identity?

There's no need to come that far. If you’re hiring in regular and safe platforms or trusted recruiters. They (Recruiterd and platforms) are there to avoid online scams, too; it is worthy.

  • Outstanding proposals for low prices, if you take the contract out of the platform.

If it is too good to be true, maybe it isn’t.

You must check this post where we talk about "What can tell you if a VA is not the right for you?" to avoid VA scams.

  • The job delivered is too generic and has stolen content.

The infringing on someone else's copyright.

Make sure that you are getting what paid for. This situation is mostly found in creative jobs. You have to be involved enough to understand when the content has influences on others.

Or on the other hand, when it is just a mere copy (a google reverse search can help you). Avoiding VA scams and online scams in general; means don't get robbed. It also means don't let others sell to you stolen things.

How to protect yourself if you are Looking for a Job?

It seems weird, but the virtual assistants are the more scammed in these situations. There is a popular VA scam that consists of clearing funds through a third party.

As VA, you’ll pass through several steps before getting hired. You should be aware and down to earth; in all steps of the processes.

  • Never pay upfront to get a job. If someone is hiring must have the funds to pay since minute one. This is a huge red flag, the online scams.

  • Be careful with your identity, Bank account, and credit record. Some people want to attach to you their actions. They’ll don’t take care of the consequences and, therefore, you’ll be scammed. This is the hardest and frequent VA scam.

  • Research on your own. Compare it with the business webpage. All this should be the same information that the recruiter provides you. If it shows an inconsistency in the information, it can be an online scam and a VA scam.

  • Never deliver a tremendous amount of job free. Never accept long trials if you won’t get paid during this time. This is considered a VA scam.

  • If the employer pressures you to get into the contract. AND doesn’t provide enough information, you may be in the presence of a VA scam, and online scam as well.



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