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Quarantine means stay at home, not stop the world!

Quarantine means stay at home, not stop the world!

The quarantine will be part of our routines shortly. We know that these are trying times for everyone as an individual and companies and businesses. However, we do not lose hope that the situation may change shortly with the vaccine or other positive changes. Until that time arrives, you must take all the necessary precautions to keep everything running. Whether it is your mental health or your company's processes, everything is connected, and you must prepare for it.

Adaptability is the keyword you need to memorize for as long as the pandemic is around. The first thing that you need to teach yourself is how to re-learn many things. A good example is businesses in the food industry; they had to re-learn how to sell themselves and adapt delivery to their services. If not, then this pandemic will surely mean they will close. This situation is also part of many other industries that have had to learn how to adapt to overcome this situation.

If you happen to be part of one of these, this article is just for you.

But what exactly is COVID-19, and why should I worry?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain of virus discovered in 2019 and was not previously identified in humans. It is a highly infectious virus that can spread very quickly airborne. This is a trait that is shared with other more simple diseases, but the fact is that we have already invented several vaccines and effective treatments in record times. It is also quite fast to compromise the respiratory system, giving the patient a considerable risk of suffering a premature death, hence, very important to give it attention as soon as possible.

Many companies are unable to function properly as they require human interaction. Food services, training centers, education systems, consultancy services, and many more are currently unable to function regularly. Having vast crowds of people is very risky as contagious can happen at any time just by talking or interacting. Even regular offices are considered precarious places, as there are no easy ways to keep the virus off the air of a secluded place.

Many scientists are currently working on finding ways to fight the virus in much more effective ways, such as pills and more long-lasting vaccines, solutions coming eventually. So, for the time being, our best bet is to keep our distance and protect our communities. As business owners, we know it can be very frustrating, but you must remain confident that the situation will continue to get better.

How to Protect my Company and Myself During the Quarantine Time?

The first step is not to panic. You need to keep your mind clear and think about how you can give an unexpected turn to your workflow. It would help if you kept an open mind as some decisions might be tough but necessary to endure the whole process. It is no secret that there have been massive layoffs due to the situation, but if you keep your head in the game, you might have alternatives.

Remember that your mental health is also an essential factor. As the owner or leader of a business, you need always to keep a clear mind. It can be hard to do so when we spend most of our time locked indoors, but there are ways. Try to start an exercise routine that you can do in your home, or pick up a new hobby. Gardening, video games, reading, and even home projects are safe ways to clear your ideas for a moment.

However, here are some basic things you should consider keeping your business afloat.

1. Your Website

Now is an excellent time to finally make the changes you were dreaming of to your website. You can add an online shopping option to adapt to his "new normal" while polishing any details you may have. Chances are that traffic might be lower, so you can take advantage of a quick makeover on your website. Make sure to upgrade in all the areas you need to grow your business.

2. Reinforce your customer service needs

Remember when we mentioned the layoffs due to the quarantine? Well, you may be able to save some positions in your company by switching your workers to more customer service roles. You will probably need more hands on deck to ensure that all your customers are happy and served. So, this is a good time to empower this service at your company.

3. Adapt your SEO Strategy accordingly

As we mentioned, your website will be a crucial part of your business during the quarantine. However, you need to pay extra attention to your SEO rankings. In this stage, where everything is done via the internet, you must rank quite well. Blogs, social media posts, and other tools will help you in this task. Remember to take the time to create a good strategy that will work even after the situation changes.

4. Never underestimate the power of Ads

A strong ad campaign can be a game changer if you struggle to enter your business's online side. It would help if you tried to implement some ads campaign to ensure you are noticed. It may cost you at first, but with due time, the ads will pay themselves with the clients they will find for you. This also helps you get started when you want to sell a product online that generally wouldn't be commercialized that way.

Resilience and our Staffing Solutions are Your Best Allies.

We hope that this small guide will help you face the situation better. We know things are still grim, but the future is uncertain, and things might change. For now, spending time with your loved ones is essential and ensuring they are protected. You should look out for your business as it may be the key to keeping you afloat and those who work with you.

If you require assistance switching towards a more friendly approach to remote work, you can count on us. Our internal team is happy to help you sort the details out and create a work plan. Adapting to remote work is hard, but doing so during a pandemic is the worst. But, we firmly believe this will be the solution to the short-term problems of the quarantine. We also know this might be a trend that will stay in the future.


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