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Remote environment for real estate

We know it can be hard at first to imagine such a change if you are an established business owner. However, if you are looking to become an independent realtor or if you want to give a spin to your real estate firm, this is your chance. There are plenty of benefits available if you switch to a remote environment. We know it can be a bit overwhelming at first, so we prepared this short yet powerful guide to help you.

The internet can open the doors for you in many ways if you want to expand. You can consider the international market, international buyers, or simply take on bigger projects. Buyers are also becoming more complex with the past of time. People used to only care about the physical state of the property, but now things are different. They will probably want to check nearby businesses on Yelp, take walks using google maps cameras, and many other things. You need to consider all aspects that will affect our business when you go online.

Save money while boosting efficiency in one step

According to one of the biggest firms in Miami, changing their classic approach for a mixed ecosystem was actually of their best decisions of recent years. Most agents that have switched from in-office to remote or mixed positions have shown an increase in 45% of their overall productivity; they also mentioned increasing their appointments and closed deals by 15%. This will only increase as the market stabilizes itself and more opportunities for buyers come around. It is also easier to find ideal customers as technology lets you target exactly who you are looking for.

In contrast to other companies, real estate agents benefit greatly from being at home, which means less time and money wasted in moving to/from different locations. Moreover, it allows them to maintain more robust communication with their firms as they can update documentation and other important information instantly. It also has been noted how plans for redecoration and remodeling have never been easier to share with buyers, as now you can just show it to them in real time using augmented reality devices.

You will still need to go to certain appointments that have to be in person, but you can plan your day more efficiently. A remote office allows you to always carry your work on your phone if needed. You can also build a network of helpers who will be at your side with just one click. it offers you different advantages in a single package by dodging the expenses of a physical office but being more connected with clients and assistants.

Reduce your physical space while augmenting your service

As we mentioned before, one of the main points you will benefit from is not needing a physical office. Realtors can save much money if they have most of their staff and agents online. If you do not want to prescind from your office, you can simply renovate it. Nowadays, many realtors take advantage of this space by simply adding such as showrooms or VR rooms to “visit” properties.

There is a lot of room for improvement if you switch to a more remote environment. Even if you decide to stay hybrid, as we mentioned in the past example, you will reduce expenses in equipment, maintenance, and other regular factors that offices usually incur. Only a showing room for your clients allows you to entertain or handle your visits better. In the end, you get to focus your efforts on what matters, which is your clients.

Technology is easy to adapt to and easier to use. Your clients will be happy to learn about the renovation of your services. They will also be grateful for offering different options that do not require their presence. Life is going faster than before, so people want to save time and not have to visit a specific office all the time.

Complementing your strengths is key to success.

Finally, we know that realtors have particular niches or groups of clients they wish to target. So, a remote office is a perfect opportunity to introduce fresh processes that will allow you to reach out to this person. Think about renovating your marketing strategy or implementing specific funnels that work with your new remote tools. Also, it may be the opportunity to channel your budget better and finally hire that social media expert you were so interested to know.

Switching how you work is the perfect opportunity to take a minute and implement new things. At this point, you should already be familiarized with your main strengths and weaknesses. A remote environment will allow you to tackle this and implement new solutions. Think outside the box, and do not be afraid of the results you might see. Remote work is a great alternative to finding new solutions.

VAs can be specialized in many areas including real estate. This allows them to help with administrative tasks and provide insight into more complex activities. For real estate, they can provide support with classic or innovative online tools, the automation of processes, and translation or interpretation for foreign clients. These tasks can be easily assigned to a small team of VAs who would gladly help you find the most efficient solution.

Virtrify is one of the best companies to find your best match regarding remote assistance. We have a group of remote professionals prepared to help you reach your maximum potential in these challenging times. Do not hesitate to reach out for a free discovery call.


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