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4 insights about integrating a new virtual assistant to the team

Introducing a new member to an established team can be quite hard, especially if it is a remote team where people can have difficulty breaking the ice. You should also consider that the work dynamics will change forever as a new person comes around with a new set of skills and a new personality. However, having a new virtual assistant for your team is not always negative. They can help you identify certain negative tendencies, help you add fresh ideas, and help you fulfill the tasks which are the main reason he came around in the first place.

Teams are essential to businesses' success; they are the engine that moves your entire company. So, you should prepare yourself accordingly before welcoming a new member into the team. Take some time to plan and ensure everything is in place before adding a new team member. Usually, you will have someone from your HR department do this for you. But, we strongly recommend you become part of the whole process as you serve the leading role in the whole company structure.

Let us immediately jump into these 4 powerful tips that will help you set up a perfect process to onboard a new virtual assistant into your remote or local team. Keep your mind open even after reading these tips, as adaptability is the core value that will ensure your success.

1. Study carefully why you chose to add a new virtual assistant

Typically, you would include a new member because of one of the reasons, either you need a new skill set or someone left your team. Make sure that you know which is the main reason and why. This will help you through the selection process and have a transparent process for the new virtual assistant. Knowing where your needs lie will help create a much better process. It is also essential that you discuss everything with the established team, so there are no big surprises when it happens.

This last part is also essential for the welcoming process. If your team knows someone new will be arriving soon, they can prepare accordingly and save some easy tasks for the new member. The team leader also needs time slots for coaching sessions or 1-on-1s with the recruit. Everyone is part of this process, so commit to it; speaking of which...

2. Make sure that every critical piece of the team is involved

It may sound obvious, but sometimes people are not aware of this. Everyone must know that a new virtual assistant will be part of the team, from the recruiter to their direct supervisor. Onboarding can be challenging, especially if you are in a different country or continent than the person joining the team. So, each step must be carefully considered and mapped out so everyone can participate. You must be part of it, but you can't simply be everywhere.

Let other people on the team help you. A warm welcome by different people is always more powerful than just a simple conversation with 1 person. Let the new team member learn and know the department's processes is also relatively healthy. Make sure that he is comfortable and understood and that he has the opportunity to introduce himself to others.

3. Stablish clear expectations for everyone on the team

When we add someone new to the team, responsibilities, and processes may change. Shifting how your team is formed and what each person has to do will force you to change the expectations for each person involved. Having a new virtual assistant can free time for specific roles, which will, in turn, make them more efficient at other tasks. Also, set new goals for everyone, including old and new members. Having more people means paying more in salaries but also provides you with extra hands to work with.

Of course, being empathic and a good listener is essential in this process step. Listen to any suggestion or possible change that may impact your team positively. Be prepared to face harsh comments, as sometimes these changes can hurt sensibilities, but you will see that a good attitude can help you sort through these situations.

4. Provide a safe space for feedback

Finally, we know that with every change, opinions tend to rise. Provide a safe space for everyone to speak up and provide their input about the latest changes. Even the new virtual assistant should have a chance to explain and explore new paths with you. A fresh look is always beneficial for any company, department, and process, so listen to what everyone says.

Make sure that this space is safe, that every opinion is considered, and that (unless it is a very negative one) everyone will be heard. Listening to different points of view can help determine the best course of action.

So, here are 4 simple yet powerful tricks to help you set up a new virtual assistant in your team. In case you don't have any experience with remote work, we have your back! You can connect with our internal team, who will gladly be there for you and help you set up your virtual office.


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