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Why a Project Manager can significantly benefit your company

Virtrify has come a long way from a small dream into a full-fledged outsourcing company that offers all kinds of professional services worldwide. Our talented network of unique Venezuelan aces will change the way you do work forever. However, one key aspect has made us stand from the competition regarding offering remote services, our trusted Project Manager.

Now, you may wonder if your company needs more management in the form of another project overseer to take care of simple tasks. To simply answer this question, we have decided to ask Patricia Peña to share with us her experience holding this position for almost two years and how she has helped different entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Join us in this short description of our history and how this critical role has generated so many benefits for our clients during the time they have shared with us. We have also gathered some essential tips on how you too can benefit if you decide to jump in and become part of our happy family.

Adjusting the gears of your company to remote work

The first thing that Patricia shared with us when we started our conversation was how difficult it could be for many people to adjust to this new remote reality. “It is something that we have to do but is not necessarily bad for companies and professionals,” she mentions. We know that 2020 was a decisive year for this change, but remote working has been spreading slowly but steadily since 2015.

It can be hard to establish proper communication between two people in different countries or on other continents. This is why it becomes crucial to have someone who can effectively devote working hours to this translation and adjustment process.

“There are professionals who can do unimaginable things that will benefit your business but are just not used to not being able to see or touch their peers,” Patricia said to us. She also explained how important it is to teach both clients and virtual assistants how to properly communicate in a remote environment, just like you would in a physical company.

A mindset that will benefit you in the long run

Another vital advantage that has been pointed out by our current and past clients is how Patricia helped them broaden their horizons. Most clients come to us, and sometimes they are not even sure how to communicate their needs or simply explain their objectives. Patricia helped them (along with our internal team) to find the best way to structure all these using online tools such as Asana or TaskMeister.

Most clients learn to see their companies with new eyes that greatly benefit them in the long run. Our assistants are also pleased to have her by their side as our Project Manager also has the responsibility to help them better structure their requirements and time frames. Balance is essential when dealing with this type of professional relationship.

Ensuring that our clients are satisfied is a priority but keeping our team happy is also very important. Patricia helps our team to find a way to let clients know about challenging jobs or if a situation has become uncomfortable for both. This support motivates our staff and promotes the balance we mentioned earlier, an essential aspect of all remote working relationships.

All the benefits without paying an extra bill

We are sure that you are already curious about how much does it cost to companies. The good news is that having our Project Manager generates zero extra cost. That is right; when you hire a virtual assistant from us, you will enjoy all the benefits that our she brings without paying extra.

Most remote workers feel that a good management team can be the difference when it comes to performance. We know that our virtual assistants and other remote workers have significantly benefited from this new perspective on how to structure work. Owners that have worked with us in the past stated how beneficial this change has been for them and their companies.

Changing your work dynamics can sometimes be fearsome, and we know that remote working is something you might feel unsure about. But, we want to extend our hand and become that trusted partner that will ensure that you can enjoy all the advantages of having a virtual assistant without endangering your work. Feel free to visit our website and schedule an exploration call to see how we can benefit each other!






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