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Why Venezuelan talent can be game-changing for your Startup

It is no secret that many countries immediately pop up when speaking about remote workers or scouting professionals overseas. India, China, and Korea are popular places to look for bilingual experts in programming and customer services. However, Venezuela has started to earn its place among the top choices to find talent for startups worldwide.

According to some specialized sites to find freelancers, Venezuelans seem to have an exciting mix of professional abilities paired with relevant soft skills for most modern business. Their adaptability and resilience can prove quite life-changing for most startups out there.

Virtrify has gathered an essential database of different talented individuals prepared to assume any professional challenge you might have in store for them. This 3-year long experience has taught us many important lessons that we wish to share with you to fall in love with this country (and its people) as we did.

The safety net that your startup requires

One of the things that most people relate to Venezuela is chaos. This is a fact well know. But, these difficulties have made most Venezuelan professionals experts on sorting out tricky situations. Is power off? They can move around their city to find a workplace. Is the Internet connection down? Data plans and other solutions are available for them. They have a plan B for everything.

We have learned from our customer’s experience that professionalism and responsibility are core aspects of their working personalities. They can often predict most emergencies and create contingency plans for them. It is not uncommon to see remote workers from Venezuela adjusting their operating hours to fill their work quota just in time.

Sometimes all plans fail, and work can’t be done in the proper time. This is when their natural teamwork abilities come into play, and you will see that our team members tend to help each other sort difficulties out most of the time. We have even seen one of them helping with the work assigned to another peer just to keep everything under control (they are, of course, compensated accordingly).

The best team you will be able to assemble for your startup is right here.

Professionals of all levels ready to jump into projects

Venezuela has an incredible number of young professionals compared to other countries in the region; an astounding 68% of its young population have had access to university level education. So it very possible to find professionals of almost all different fields ready to become part of your team. Sadly, local jobs don’t pay enough for their expertise, so they often find themselves more comfortable performing as remote workers for foreign companies.

This creates a unique opportunity to explore different approaches to your everyday needs. Maybe you need an accountant, but you don’t have the necessary amount of work to employ one full time? Then we can find someone for you. You can easily find engineers, lawyers, and even physicians willing to commit to your project.

Although less common, professionals 4th and 5th level studies can also be found in Venezuela who are keen to join the startup environment that this country has created for local and remote workers.

The happiest nationality in the world

Venezuelans once held the title of the happiest nationality in the world. True to this fact, you will see that hiring a Venezuelan professional will forever change your team’s mood. We are warm people who can easily adjust to any team and lift our friends and mates’ spirits.

Being remote workers, we might not share the same positive vibes, but we can help you communicate better and break some social barriers. We know how important it is to be respectful while also being emphatic with others. We may have faced challenges, but startups and innovation fascinate the majority of our young population.

Virtrify has created a safe space for those who are willing to become remote workers and work for companies outside our borders. We train those who are still unfamiliar with the remote work and help find their proper home to those already prepared to offer their services.






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